What Are Commercial Architects?

So what exactly is the role of commercial architects? In simple terms, they help oversee and run projects, associated with building design It’s the architect’s priority to plan potential projects. They may also build a scale model, to get a better view of the finished design, and perhaps supervise or manage the actual construction itself. In this case it will require the specific architect to work closely with clients, to ensure the structure is completed to the correct specifications. In addition to creating a good-looking design, it also needs to be functional. In addition to this, commercial architects can also be held responsible for estimating costs and staying within budget; ensuring building safety, and making sure the structure has the required permits and building codes.

A commercial architect may specialise in one specific type of building or design. Those architects, however, that are part of an architectural firm may work as part of a team managing a variety of types of projects. Being a commercial architect is typically expressed in contrast to a residential architect, and therefore, commercial architects typically focus on those structures other than single-family residences, like shopping centres, business complexes, hospitals, schools, or museums.

When designing a commercial structure, especially, the architect must consider many different aspects involved in the structure. In addition to drafting the design plans and building scale models, the architect may also be responsible for creating a range of construction blueprints. These blueprints will need to consider the electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, and ventilation systems. In addition, having control over design aspects from start to finish.

Communication skills are a priority for commercial architects, as many different professionals can be involved in the building at any one time. A successful project requires good direction to ensure it runs smoothly.

Commercial architects may well be involved in the process from the very beginning. They may often be contracted to help choose the best plot of land, look at environmental factors as well as budgeting and costing. They may well also have a say in choosing any other contractors to help with the construction of the project.

Typically a commercial architect will require a form of education, whether that be architecture, building design or engineering. Many architects are typically required to be fluent with CAD (computer aided design) in order to help them create technically sound building designs and plans.

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