The Role of Architects in Leicester

The construction industry would not grow without architects, which is why we see new and magnificent looking buildings cropping up, alterations being done to existing buildings, restoration or repairs done to old buildings and so on. Architects have been known to work on both individual buildings and large developmental schemes and are also responsible for the design of the surrounding landscapes. Architects in Leicester work on a vast range of different projects, here’s an explanation into the different types of project an architect may take on.

Architects will work closely with their clients to ensure that the designs projected will meet their needs and are safe and economical. Normally they will always be part of a building project from the beginning until completion. They will also work closely with some construction professionals such as surveyors, engineers, interior designers and will in the end come up with drawings and building specifications that the construction team can use as a guideline.

However, there are various types of architects and some architects specialize in a particular one while others are able to work on any kind of building project. Some major types of Architects are:-

– Residential Architect

– Public or Commercial Architect

– Industrial Architect

– Landscape Architect

Residential Architects

These kinds of architects will only work on construction projects involving beautiful private dwellings for property owners. They enable their clients to turn their dream homes or residential structures into realities by coming up with creative designs.

Public or Commercial Architects

These types of architects specialise in larger building projects mainly for government or businesses. They are involved in projects like designing government facilities, public shopping malls, libraries, government institutions, business office headquarters and so on.

Industrial Architects in leicester

These are an entirely different kind because they mainly deal with industrial projects such as bridges, hydroelectric dams, factory plants, and other technical projects. As much as these projects are architectural they are also a major part of civil engineering whose professionals will work closely with these architects to make the construction project a success.

Landscape Architects

These ones mainly works on projects involving the outdoor areas such as recreational parks, gardens, lawns in large facilities like campuses, hospitals and other public locations. Private property owners can still use these architects to help in designing breath-taking outdoor areas.

Studying Architecture

Architecture is daily becoming a popular subject among students because the profession comes with its own freedoms and offers work in various areas of the construction industry. However, becoming an architect involves long years of study which varies from country to country. In the UK you will only need to study architecture in three parts. The first part is simply a three year undergraduate degree in architecture and the second part involves a two year study period to allow you to enhance your architectural skills and knowledge. The last part of the architectural training simply involves a minimum of two years of professional training before the final exams.

After completion of studies the student is eligible to register with the ARB (Architects Registration Board) as a qualified architect. This is the ultimate confirmation that one is now ready to offer their services as an architect to the public.


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