Some Tips To Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Basic home maintenance and improvement efforts are fairly familiar to most homeowners. From patching up cracks and leaks to adding fresh paint jobs and maintaining furniture, home improvement is an ongoing process. On top of that, there are certain necessities to keep up with, such as your home security system updates and your Aviva insurance policy. But these days, many homeowners are taking their maintenance and upkeep efforts a step further. Specifically, there is a growing popularity in home improvement efforts specifically designed to make homes more energy efficient. Leicester Architects are here to help.


If the idea of energy efficient home improvements is one that appeals to you, then here are a few upgrades and changes you can consider implementing in your own home.

Leicester Architects

Leicester Architects

With increasing emphasis on energy efficiency in the home, you can now ask for a special inspection on your property, which will involve an energy efficiency specialist analyzing where you can improve things in your home. This is a great way to find those little problems you might not be able to spot on your own, such as insufficient insulation or leaking air ducts.


Use An Advanced Thermostat

Advanced, programmable thermostats can help you to conserve energy in that they don’t waste energy heating or cooling your house unnecessarily. If you really want to explore the best thermostats out there, consider the Nest, which is being billed as the world’s first “smart” thermostat. This device learns your preferences and habits and adapts for optimal efficiency.


Use High-Efficiency Water Heaters

Heating up water to the standard most of us expect is one of the most significant uses of energy in a home environment. Therefore, you can save some energy by looking into the market for a higher efficiency water heater.


Seal Up Cracks

Cracks and gaps in rooftops and more commonly around doors and windows are disastrous for energy efficiency. Basically, these cracks allow outdoor temperatures to influence your home, and cause your heater and air conditioner to work harder and expend more energy. Sealing up these cracks can conserve both energy and finances related to energy bills.


Consider Solar Power

Many are hesitant to install solar panels on their homes due to concerns about costs and efficiency. However, in the right situation, solar power can contribute enormously to your home power needs. If the idea interests you, do some research on your specific area and situation to see if solar panels can be of service.


Consider New Doors & Windows

Many older homes are equipped with windows and doors that are considered inefficient when it comes to keeping air and temperatures steady within the home. If you live in a home that’s been around for a few years, consider looking into newer doors and windows specifically built for efficiency.


Let us know what your intentions are regarding your home improvements and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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