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All leading Leicester Architects need to be skilled and experienced not only in the creation of new building projects, but also in the maintenance and conservation of older buildings. Care must be taken when undertaking these projects, as there are aesthetic and cultural aspects to maintain, as well as ensuring that all work is structurally solid and beneficial to the building.

Mistakes can be made by less experienced people and companies: the following articles contain some great storied from both sides of expertise…

Leicester Architects10 Ways to Ruin an Old Building

The importance of old buildings is not in question. Historic town and city centres across the British Isles attract millions of visitors every year, and houses within areas that contain few post-war alterations command significantly higher values than similar houses in areas which are broken up by modern developments.

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Buildings Need ‘Urgent Restoration’, says Heritage Body

The number of historic Welsh buildings in desperate need of restoration is on the rise, according to a UK charity.

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Leicester ArchitectsStately home staff hope to avoid Only Fools and Horses moment as they clean 200-year-old chandelier

It was a scene reminiscent of the famous Only Fools and Horses sketch where Del Boy and Rodney watched on as a chandelier they were supposed to be removing crashed to the floor. But thankfully for staff at the stately Longleat House, their lowering of a 200-year-old chandelier from above the grand staircase was much more successful.

Leicester ArchitectsTwo Country House Gems in Need of Restoration

Two fantastic, historic, country houses are in need of a saviour to restore them to their former glory. The medieval market town of Ashbourne, Derbyshire, sits in a deep, well-wooded valley on the edge of Dovedale, gateway to the Peaks.

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