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Catch up on the latest news from around the world on the subject of architecture and design. Every now and then, architects in Leicester like to collect together the latest news to see what interesting things are happening in the world of building design. From award winning buildings, to rental apartments for the winter, there are some amazing architectural designs to be seen in the world today, with ever increasing talents, emerging all the time.


Is the Open Plan Bad for Us?

In a recent article from ArchDaily, there are a number of queries regarding open plan spaces, and how they aren’t as effective as we once may hoped. Open plan spaces once were a revolutionary design, which hoped to help communication in offices and “environmental satisfaction” in recent studies it has shown that perhaps it is actually destroying office productivity.

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2013 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award Winners

Architectural photography can definitely be overlooked sometimes. It takes a precise eye, to really capture and draw out some of the detail in architecture, and this award showcases just some of the best of these photos.

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British architecture “showing a clear recovery”

Since the financial crisis began in 2008, British architecture is now said to be seeing growth, and it’s said that the British market is rapidly improving. Architects in Leicester think this is great news, and will hopefully continue into the new year.

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Architects in Leicester

Architects in Leicester

For Rent: Stunning Ski Home Has Award-Winning Architecture

If you fancy heading somewhere different, but stunning this winter, then this ski home is perfect. At a whopping $5000 per night, it’s not by any means cheap. The best part is, not only does it have stunning scenery and surroundings, but the architecture is some of the best around.

See it here.


What’s your favourite architecture story or building of 2013? Let us know!


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