Eco Friendly Leicester Architects

Leicester architects know how important it is to be environmentally friendly. All around the world, there is some fascinating architecture, and some of the most inspiring is the eco friendly designs that have come from around the globe.  Incorporating recyclable materials and ensuring that they are sustainable, check out some of these buildings.


Oshatz Architects’ Wooden Wilkinson Residence Towers Amidst the Treetops

This unusual eco friendly habitat is located within a forest and doesn’t interfere with nature, but blends in to make as little impact as possible
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Top 10 Green Buildings

The American Institute of Architects have selected the top 10 green buildings that help have a positive impact on the environment. Whether that be through use of materials or how they integrate within the surroundings.

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The Upcycle House Goes Beyond Recycling

According to this design, upcycling is the next step in recycling, where materials are not only reused but also where quality is added. Shipping containers are used to help eradicate the need for knowing walls through.

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Do shipping container houses make sense for disaster relief housing?

Theres quite a bit of controversy over whether using shipping containers as temporary housing for disaster relief is a good idea or not. Although they do provide a sturdy structure, and they look quite modern and quirky.

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