A Look at Conservation Architects

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The job of conservation architects is to take an old building and to maintain or update it in an effort to help improve the integrity of the structure, while preserving the historical value. In cases where a building has been given a historic designation, this professional will need to carefully draw up plans that will ensure that all work done helps to maintain this designation.

What skills do they have?

Commonly, these professionals will have some extensive knowledge of different architectural periods. They understand the unique design characteristics of the era and can ensure that any architectural features that are staples of a time period are properly preserved. This also means that this individual will need a strong foundation in general architecture and a good understanding of historical architecture. The best conservation architects are those who have strong observation skills and can blend historical and modern techniques together effortlessly.

What do they do?

The goal is to create a safer structured, without ruining any of the historical integrity that a building may have. This will require the professional to walk through the property and to do some background research on it. They’ll need to verify the construction date of the building, if there was any significance of the builder, and review the property for any historical items that may make the property a landmark.

Before beginning the process, this individual will need to inspect all the materials that will be used. All items that are used have to be authentic to the historical period of the building that is being conserved. While having items that are authentically from a particular period of time might not be possible, this individual can look over available styles and the composition of items and verify that they reflect the period and the style that is needed. With that in place, they can continue with this process.

Who do they work for?

In some cases, conservation architects may be hired to work as a liaison between the government and an owner of the building. They will ensure that the best interest of the building is being met at all times and will raise concerns that may come up in the building process that could negatively impact the structure. They can also sign off on work that needs to be done, showing that someone is dedicated to the historical preservation of a property.

Our thoughts

This individual will find that their position is very rewarding. Not only does it help to preserve historical locations for future generations, but it also gives some genuine insight into our evolution of building.