Commercial Architects on How to Build a Green House

As we are rapidly running out of sources for our energy, it’s more important than ever for commercial architects to adapt in the way buildings are constructed. It’s now more popular than ever to use eco friendly, or environmentally friendly materials for new buildings. Many of these newer buildings also incorporate some fascinating and beautiful architecture, while still being kind to the earth.

Perhaps your considering building a house from start to finish, in which case it’s important to consider the environmental impact of the materials that you use. Here we offer some great advice on how to go about your new build, in an eco friendly way.

When thinking about your new home, you need to consider energy source, and how you’re going to heat it. Winters can get cold, and so it’s important to keep your home warm in the most effective way possible.

Think about effective insulation. If you have the right insulation, then you will use less energy trying to keep your home warm. The right level of insulation will ensure that any heat stays in, and doesn’t easily escape. Think about both loft and wall insulation.

Of course an additional way to keep your home well insulated, is to ensure you have the correct windows. Always use double glazed windows, or even triple, if possible. Double glazing can help keep any heat escaping from your home. With triple glazed windows, you want to ensure that it doesn’t keep your home too warm in the summer, so think of shade options if your home faces the direct sun.

Use green materials where possible

Think about carpets, flooring and paint, and try to opt for sustainable products. If your buying timber, or any type of wood, make sure it comes from a responsible source. This shouldn’t be too hard, as most diy shops will be able to tell you this information.

Always think about the location of your home to, if you are buying land. This will help what materials you can source nearby.




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