How Architects Minimize Urban Stress

architects-leicesterUrban Stress Fact or Myth

The architects Leicester team pose the question do we really suffer urban stress? With built up cities and increasing hectic lifestyles can the way we design our homes help to reduce the pressure we are under.  Life is only set to become more urban and architects seek to design modern, functional and sustainable homes.

The effects

Does the effect of high pressured urban living ultimately create problems for our mental health? Many people say they couldn’t be happier living in the city though others argue they would love to retreat to the country. The increase in our population has only sought to create tighter more packed communities than ever before. With very little room for manoeuvring houses are being built like dominoes and lack personal space and ideal living.

Part of human nature is to naturally feel stress when threatened with very little space. With cities becoming vastly overcrowded it is no wonder we are an urban population under strain. So how can architects tackle this problem? It is has been suggested that by creating

Better Planning and Density Management

Density is a totally different concept to crowding. Studies indicate that it is crowding that creates urban stress rather than dense populations. If dense areas can be designed without creating the feeling of being crowded it may eliminate some of the pressure. Architects will need to plan neighbourhoods more strategically and in depth to accomplish a high density area without the impression of overcrowding.

Communities with Open Spaces

Architects can help to elevate the feeling of overcrowding by creating communities with open spaces such as parks and greeneries. These areas need to be balanced and integrated throughout the neighbourhood providing a retreat from busy urban life.

Using Roof Tops For Reliefarchitects-leicester

When there is limited room planning for open green spaces may fall a little short. So were can an architect create a space to provide relief? Why not simply use roof tops and create recreational areas from a normally underutilized space. Many communities have opened up their roofs to roof top farming. With gardening being known for helping reduce stress and depression it could have a calming effect on the life of a busy city goer.

Buildings Designed to Feel Vast and Open

By creating buildings that offer enhanced experiences of space and openness for the urban resident their levels of stress can be greatly reduced.  Although it would appear obvious some buildings are designed without the thought that people will react to their environment. People need to feel at home and comfortable in a building and this will easily alleviate unwanted anxiety. Simply by designing homes with a welcoming atmosphere through larger windows, natural light and high ceilings; occupants will feel more positive.

Urban Acupuncture

Urban Acupuncture? Working along the principles of acupuncture which is ultimately about eradicating stress the idea is to use urban design to achieve the same results. Urban environments that have become old and worn should be repaired and given a new lease of life.


The architects Leicester team realise that the population is constantly growing which forces many cities into overcrowding. With urban stress being a reality for most homeowner’s architects will play an important role in helping to design a future of communities that will reduce these feelings.

Architects will need to become more imaginative and utilise the space in which they have. By reinventing roof spaces too creating open planned buildings and public areas these are all ideas that will become the forefront of architectural design in the future.

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