Three Methods of Choosing the Best Architects Leicester


Leicester is unique among almost every city in the United Kingdom – many of its ancient buildings still stand today, a testament to its dedication to honouring the past while still moving forward to the future. It then comes as no surprise that the best architects Leicester has to offer are masters in preserving the past, incorporating the present, and presenting innovations for the future in their works.

So, how then can you choose the best architect Leicester has to offer for your own commissioned work?

Qualifications-based Selection

This is a popular method of selecting the best architect Leicester has on its roster because of the rigorous selection process used. Public agencies as well as private sector organizations like corporations, museums and other institutions use the selection method obviously because of tits merit-based foundation.

Qualifications-based selection requires choosing from among a roster of qualified architects Leicester based on their credentials including education, training, and portfolio. But it does not stop there either – the chosen architect must also be able to develop a professional relationship with the client and with the other professionals (i.e., engineers and interior designers) on the project.

Such relationship is critical in making the project into reality in general and in dealing with the issues that crop up during construction in particular – and there are many issues where professional and personal sensibilities can adversely affect the project.

Objective comparisons are then a must with factors being considered including but not limited to the architects’:

• Education, training and work history

• Capability to deliver on the desired project results

• Past performance on similar projects as the planned project

• Familiarity with the local building codes, geography, and facilities

• Design approach and methodology

The selection process requires that the client – or its committee members in case of organizations – is actively involved in the selection process. Suffice it to say that time, effort and energy, not to mention money, must be poured into the selection process itself especially when millions are at stake in the project.

Direct Selection

For relatively smaller projects, direct selection is the more viable option in selecting from among a roster of architects. Both individual clients and organizational clients can use the method albeit in different ways.

For example, an individual client with a residential unit for construction will select the architect based on recommendations from family and friends, research on his reputation in the industry, and assessment of his credentials. An organizational client, in contrast, usually has a roster of architects with different specialties from which the right professional can be chosen for specific projects.

Architectural Design Competitions

This is a less common way of selecting an architect mainly because of the expenses involved in mounting the competition. But when it is a high-stakes project like a public gallery or a national museum, then design competitions make sense. The competition may be open to all architects or by invitation only.

In this method, architects submit their designs to a panel of judges that may or may not take popular votes into consideration. The architect with the best design is then chosen to head the project.

Regardless of the selection method chosen, you are assured that the best architects Leicester has to offer will be at your service!

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