Architects Leicester – Olympic Architecture and Design

The London 2012 Olympics has been the hot topic of discussion around the world for a long time now. Thousands of people will descend upon the stadium to watch athletes compete for gold. Architects Leicester however see another side to the Olympics, and that is the structure of the stadium itself.

Despite a recent flood of negative headlines and comments over the weather and security, the actual construction has been something of a success story, especially for sustainable architecture.

The surrounding area looked very different just four years ago – more a mixture of tattered and run down industrial buildings and toxic wastelands. Constructed on 246 hectares of, at one time, heavily contaminated industrial land, one of the first challenges that the Olympic Park organisers were faced with was reclaiming the site.

98% of the materials from the site’s demolished buildings, including glue factories, a chemical works and an oil refinery, were re-used and 700,000 cubic metres of soil, enough to fill two billion cans of coke, were cleansed to be re-claimed.

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