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In order to maintain our reputation as a top architects Leicester firm, it’s essential to keep a constant vigil over in the changes, innovations and news we’re offered and pay particular attention to what’s most relevant. With this in mind, we’ve collected some of the most valuable architecture news stories written over the past weeks for your enjoyment. We hope you find this helpful!

Architecture News from Architects Leicester

Architecture News - KM ArchitectsIs Dubai’s building boom an oasis, or a mirage?

Dubai’s construction schemes have been especially ambitious for years, but have increasingly been dependant on super-rich sheikhs to bail out their heavy financial losses. This article explores UAE from the eyes of a tourist, and makes for very interesting reading.

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Architects News - KM Architects Leicester£14k fine for building conservatory over gas flue

There are some companies in the construction industry who, though ignorance or apathy, aren’t able to meet the rightfully strict construction codes we have to protect people’s safety in the UK.

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Architect NewsScottish government funds green housing fellowships

Scotland’s government now sponsors two fellowships for the Saltire Foundation, an initiative which helps young businessmen and women develop new technologies to advance green living.

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London UndergroundTracking the Underground’s architectural treasures

This article – written some time ago, but with enough brilliant content to still be worth reading – describes the architects of the Underground, and includes the figure of how many stations are Listed Buildings.

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Architecture NewsFrank Lloyd Wright archives move to New York

The pioneering architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s archives will be moved to New York and made into an exhibition, so that the public of one of the world’s busiest cities can view his work.

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