How to Prepare your Fall Home for Winter’s Return

 architects-leicesterPreparing Your Property

Winter has returned and temperatures are plummeting and the chance of snow is always greatly anticipated. Ensure you take the time to prepare your home for winter; for keeping the warmth in and the cold out. Our architects Leicester team value the importance of keeping your properties maintained during this season so follow this helpful guide below.

Assess Your Property for Energy Leaks

There is nothing worse than loosing heat through the winter and your priority is generally to keep pour house warm. If you find that you are getting excessive drafts from underneath doors and windows you should choose to replace weather stripping and caulk.

Consider having professional companies audit your home for its energy performance. There are a number of areas in your home were you might be losing heat such as, floors, ceilings, lofts etc.

Check Your Fireplace

If you rely on your fireplace to generate your homes heat during winter then keeping it fully maintained and in good working order will ensure its worth. From modern fireplaces to traditional chimneys you should check that ducts, heating elements and filters are regularly changed. Take time to clean your fireplace and inspect your roof and chimney for damage.

Check Your Properties Exterior

Not many homeowners will relish the prospect of stepping outside to take a walk around their properties exterior in the cold and occasionally in winter in can be overlooked. However making regular inspections will benefit your property maintenance over the season. Be sure to check guttering and downspouts as these can easily become blocked with debris or freeze during colder temperatures. Also keep your driveways clear of debris and be prepared for snow with salt and grit.

Make Regular Maintenance, Repairs & Cleaning architects-leicester

Just like spring cleaning winter is a great time to get your house in order. At the beginning of the season be sure to check everything is in good condition and full working order. Make the necessary repairs to any area of your home that may be damaged and have all your equipment and appliances serviced were appropriate.  Check you are stocked up on the essentials you might need for your properties protection and in case of potential bad weather.

Our Thoughts

Prevention is always better than cure and our architects Leicester team think that getting your home in readiness for winter can truly benefit your property. So take some time to put in the regular maintenance and care for your home and feel better about enjoying the coming Christmas holiday.

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