Architects in Leicester – How Architecture is Saving the Planet

To architects in Leicester who know how essential the future of our homeland is, sustainability and eco-friendliness are more than just buzzwords used to secure contracts. Alongside cost-effectiveness, design, and longevity of the structure, environmental sustainability is a top priority in ensuring that our projects are good for the environment, cheap to run, and inspiring and reassuring for the companies and people who live and work in them. Reading the following articles is a great way to remind yourself how important environmentally responsible architecture is.

Architects in LeicesterLeicester College Unveils Energy-Efficient Abbey Park Campus

Upfront planning goes a long way when it comes to building for sustainability. Leicester College’s new £25 million Abbey Park campus utilized state-of-the-art thermal modeling software to maximize the structure’s energy efficiency, taking into consideration existing site conditions and passive building strategies such as thermal massing.

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Architects in LeicesterUK’s First Fuel Cell is Deployed in a New Build Home

The first energy efficient fuel cell system ever to be used in a new build home in the UK has been installed this month. UK-GBC member and housebuilder Crest Nicholson has installed the innovative technology to efficiently harness locally generated electricity for domestic use.

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Architects in LeicesterWhich City has the Most Energy Star buildings?

Energy Star is a government program to increase energy efficiency in buildings. For a building to be certified, it must be as efficient as the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide.

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Architects in LeicesterGlobal hunger for plastic packaging leaves waste solution a long way off

Five hundred tonnes of Christmas tree lights and at least 25m bags of plastic sweet wrappers, turkey coverings, drinks bottles and broken toys will be thrown away by UK homes this Christmas and new year. But only a tiny proportion of this waste will be recycled.

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