Architects in Leicester on the value of architecture in construction

 Architects in leicester believe architecture is an artistic form of construction that involves planning and designing of buildings such as gym, school, house and hospital. Architects often draw accurate frame measurements of the structure, then professional constructors use these sketches to put up the building. A good design should incorporate 3 key features:

1) Functionality
2) Aesthetic appeal
3) Technology

The discipline is quite old and varies from one culture to another. For instance, The British are renowned for their low block-shaped buildings which line most of London, while Americans are famed for lean and tall skyscrapers.


Popular architectural designs

A) Victorian Style

It first emerged during the reign of England’s Queen Victoria. Having been inspired by Gothic art, this design influenced other popular building styles such as Italianate and Queen Anne techniques. The key theme of this artwork is beauty instead of practicality. Most Victorian houses feature either a stone or wooden exterior, which may span between 2 to 3 stories high. This exterior may further be enhanced with attractive wooden or metal trim. The buildings are also fitted with beautiful asymmetrical contours, others unique specs include huge bays, octagonal towers and steep roofs.
B) Italianate Architecture

Though this style emanated from Italy it’s quite popular in Western countries such as America. The most distinguishing features include rectangular buildings made from brick, stone or stucco materials. Moreover, the entry section is usually designed with column porches which end at the dual-door entrance.

Another characteristic of Italianate Architecture is the high, round and decorative windows which enhance the building’s overall appeal. There are also smooth sloping roofs which extend over to special overhanging eaves. Moreover, these structures may be fitted with decorative brackets which often add stability. Nevertheless, an attractive square tower which stands above the main roof is the most popular attribute of this style.

C) Contemporary Style

This is an eclectic approach to architecture as it combines various techniques into one solid blueprint. It exhibits styles from different cultures all over the world, many people love contemporary design due to its flexibility and the fact that it can be customized to fit into the client’s personal tastes. While featuring modern aspects, the artwork also accommodates some traditional specs that are simply astounding.

The need for space is also considered since there are large windows with skylights that balance the flow of sun-light. These features together with proper ventilation channels enhance the feeling of modernism. Homeowners who want to go green can also use natural materials like composite, bamboo and recycled compounds. One can also use paints with low-emission for safety and comfort, there are absolutely no limits to the extent of using contemporary style.
Other popular designs include:
1) Cape Cod
2) Art Deco
3) Neoclassical
4) Prairie
5) Pueblo Revival architecture

The principles behind architecture are very dynamic and may change with time based on factors like public requirements, personal preferences and cost efficiency. Before constructing any building it’s recommendable to contact an architect for designing, these professionals would help in making the house more stable and attractive. You can get their contacts from the yellow pages directory or online.

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