Architects and the Environment

Shopping Centre Pollution Concerns

Pollution caused by the building of a £150 million shopping centre in Shrewsbury will pose serious dangers to the health of nearby workers, a top architect today claimed.

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Green ArchitectureGreen Architecture

“Green” architecture, also known as “sustainable architecture” or “green building,” is the theory, science and style of buildings designed and constructed in accordance with environmentally friendly principles. Green architecture strives to minimize the number of resources consumed in the building’s construction and use, as well as the harm done to the environment through the emission of pollution.

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Hadrian's VillaGiant Landfill to Neighbour Historic Site

The prefect of Rome is moving forward with plans for a giant landfill just a few hundred yards from one of the world’s most historic landscapes.

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(POP)Culture InstallationTurning Rubbish into Beautiful Architecture

This is how beautiful and practical 1,500 plastic soda bottles can be. This canopy installation — called “(POP)culture” and designed by students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Architecture — up-cycles soda bottles into a colorful shade that reads as a sky full of colorful flowers.

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