About Us

KM Architects Leicester is a family company that specialises in both domestic and commercial architectural work. Our work ethic and commitment to all projects we undertake is to ensure client satisfaction, from design, to build to completion. Our team includes RIBA chartered architects as well as up and coming architects-in-training. We bring a strong mixture of design experience, practical knowledge and forward thinking to your project whether domestic or commercial.

New Home, Wolvey - KM Architects Leicester

Architectural Services

Our bespoke services are tailored to you and your needs in a variety of full or part architectural appointments.

We are experienced and skilled in new builds, restoration work, project management, commercial developments such as industrial estates, offices, business parks, and more.

KM Architects in Leicester maintain constant communication with our clients to ensure that the end result is precisely what our clients require.

Contact KM Architects Leicester

For impartial advice, information or to discuss any aspect of our firm or services, please contact us on 0116 220 0321 or use our contact form, and a member of KM Architects Leicester will be happy to help you.